Liquid resin for encapsulation of asbestos cement fiber prior to removal. A low viscosity of a deep red colour that allows for the removal of Eternit avoiding that asbestos fibers may come off or ending up in the environment or that are breathed from the worker during the removal. In packs of 20 and 1000 kg
Pulitore spray

Pulitore spray (cleaner spray)

Liquid spray used for cleaning spray guns and spraying systems contaminated with water-based adhesives, sprayed on the surface to be treated, softens dirt facilitating its removal by water jet and brush. In packs of 400 ml.
Silicone spray antiadesivo

Silicone spray antiadhesive

Liquid silicone spray cans used in the field upholstery, to facilitate sliding of the tissues during the bagging of the sessions, or to facilitate the sliding of the cutting blades on the foam rubber, or on the work surfaces. In confezioni da 500 ml.
Adesivo spray Multifix

Multifix spray adhesive

Multifix solvent based, spray and multipurpose adhesive  for DIY bonding on numerous materials. In packs of 400 ml practical use.
Stucchi Ancorstuck all'acqua

Water stucco Ancorstuck

Water stucco in various colors for grouting of wood, water based, solvents free. In packs of 1 and 5 kg.