Ancora Collanti never stops searching and testing new products:
we realize innovative adhesives to meet the demands
of an increasingly demanding market always respecting the environment.

Sanitizing gel FAS GEL PLUS & FAS SPRAY by Ancora Collanti

Sanitizing gel FAS GEL PLUS

Sanitizing gel FAS GEL PLUS to prevent Covid 19 and other infections, for hands and surfaces. Sanitizing gel FAS
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ANCORA was founded in 1967 from a fusion with another company. At that time ANCORA was manufacturing adhesives for marble vinyl and wood and also
Quality glues and adhesives ANCORA: certifications

Quality glues & adhesives ANCORA

Certified quality glues and adhesives! These are ANCORA COLLANTI certifications: ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 :::::::::::::::   ::::::::::::::: Starting from