Certified quality glues and adhesives! These are ANCORA COLLANTI certifications:

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Starting from the choice of raw materials, ANCORA is constantly searching for new products to be tested for an innovative formulation of adhesives,
which is always ready to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market with new technologies. In collaboration with even long standing suppliers, we aim  to perfect the adhesives continuously improve with regard to both the environment and the operators who use our adhesives.

Intermediate processing is carried out on the raw materials to make improvements to our adhesives in application, such as spreadability, spraying and last but not least stability in storage.

All finished products before being packaged are checked in the laboratory to check they meet our standards. In addition we carry out bonding tests to test cohesion, torque and temperature resistance tests.

This is the way ANCORA COLLANTI produce its quality glues and adhesives for upholstery, wood, marine and automotive, leather and clothing.