Sanitizing gel FAS GEL PLUS & FAS SPRAY by Ancora Collanti

Sanitizing gel FAS GEL PLUS

Sanitizing gel FAS GEL PLUS to prevent Covid 19 and other infections, for hands and surfaces. Sanitizing gel FAS GEL PLUS and surface spray FAS SPRAY Many companies in this period, in which the coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19) changed our daily habits, started producing hand and surface sanitizing gels. So did Ancora Collanti. This was
ANCORA COLLANTI S.r.l. - manufacturing adhesives since 1967


ANCORA was founded in 1967 from a fusion with another company. At that time ANCORA was manufacturing adhesives for marble vinyl and wood and also the paper industry, as well as manufacturing flexible abrasives. Sales developed mainly in Italy. In 1987 the firm was completely renewed, adopting a modern organization and expanding its activity to the whole of Europe and then more recently to the rest of the world. ANCORA works mainly in these
Quality glues and adhesives ANCORA: certifications

Quality glues & adhesives ANCORA

Certified quality glues and adhesives! These are ANCORA COLLANTI certifications: ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 :::::::::::::::   ::::::::::::::: Starting from the choice of raw materials, ANCORA is constantly searching for new products to be tested for an innovative formulation of adhesives, which is always ready to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market with new technologies.