Belonging to the family of thermoplastic solvent-based adhesives

ANCORFIX 964 DWL-I, suggest the same characteristics of the adhesive 964 DWL, with the difference that is flame retardant, ie not flammable. This makes it suitable for processing of expanded resins in the presence of metallic nets or accessories for sofas metal, where the possibility persists that electrostatic discharges between expanded rubber and iron give beginning to possible combustions with the solvent, then with the use of 964 DWL – the fireproof you avoid these types of phenomena.

Salient features of the adhesive ANCORFIX 964 DWL-I:

– Good trasferability;
– Good sprayability;
– Good initial grip;

Apply one side
If used in tension, bond on two sides.

Category: Solvent based thermoplastic adhesives